SETI23 - A SETI@home team dedicated to Karl Koch aka. Hagbard Celine

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Quote of the second:
Spacetime isn't curved, it's positively bent.
Feel free to Join us in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

  • December 15, 2005
    After 6 years of operation, SETI@home Classic sent out its last workunit. SETI@home classic: In Memoriam.

  • BUT: SETI continues in the BOINC framework and you can convert your old seti accounts.

  • SETI23 is dead. Long live S23! (and BOINC23).
  • The action/people/content is all on the wiki now! You can take part and edit all pages.

  • We continue to crunch for SETI with BOINC in our BOINC23 team now. We also have an Einstein@home team now.

  • To transfer an old SETI account to a new BOINC account click here.
  • To download the new BOINC client click here.

  • To create a new account on our wiki click here.

  • Thanks to all the classic members who contributed, you can still take part and enjoy!

    Old-timers, come on and join channel #seti23 on Efnet IRC. We are still there and currently starting a SETI/BOINC revival.